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me: what’s for dinner?

her: *spreads her legs*



so, did you not cook or ….. cause popeyes closes at 10 and i need to leave now if i’m gon make it. 

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i have a very fun 2 weeks coming up and i couldn’t be happier ok ok goodnight!

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things to take 

  • care 
  • it easy

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Anonymous inquired m.i.a is so bad i can't stand her tbh

gostle replied to your post: anonymous said:What’s w your fasc…

I love them SO MUCH

all they do is smoke cigarettes and drink coffee and stay in their lane like how could you not like them 

Anonymous inquired What's your favorite type of art?

ah  i really like vintage things and vintage photography from the last 3-4 decades. in terms of framed art work i really like the works of van gogh or claude monet

im gonna go get a snack and i better have some anons for when i get back…….!! 

Anonymous inquired matangi is so fucking good its basically kala v2


Anonymous inquired What's w your fascination w the Olsen twins? They look like death

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